Team Cressey

Iain Hawkins

Scotish born Iain has been surfing for over 3 years after moving from Scotland to South Wales with no idea how to surf but a strong determination to ride the waves! Soon after he became a volunteer Surf Mentor for the Wave Project Cymru charity, working with Cressey's Surf Academy to deliver surf therapy sessions to disadvantaged young people across South Wales.

His passion for the sea and surfing in particular grew through socialising with like minded people and he is now a qualified ASI Level 1 Surf Coach and a regular part of the team at CSA! You can often find Iain skating or surfing around Porthcawl with his dog Cody alongside...

ian hawkins
iain hawkins

Charlotte (aka Ozzi)

Born in Perth, Australia & lived there for 7 years before moving to UK where I learnt to surf whilst studying in Swansea at Uni 1999. Loved it! I quickly found I gravitated towards sideways board sports & love to snowboard & also skate on my Carver. I taught snowboarding for 6 back to back seasons 2005-2008 then wanted something to do in the summer months when I settled back in UK & obtained my ASI Level 1 Surf Coach Qualification & then completed the SLSGB award this year. I just want to share the passion I have for surfing with anyone who wants to give it go



Hi, I'm Cian and I've been surfing since I was 7 years old and I've competed in few different surfing competitions in the past 4 years but I mainly surf for the enjoyment and the feeling of it. Despite this I've come in the top 3 in many of the competitions held in Wales and came 1st in my most recent club competition in the under 18s category. I've surfed as a part of Channel Coast Surf Club which is based in Llantwit Major for around the same time as I've competed for which has helped me progress my surfing so much!