Surfing Wales


Surfing Wales

Cressey's Surf Academy is based near the beaches of Porthcawl, about 25 mins outside of Cardiff, but offers lessons all along the South Wales coast wherever the best conditions are for that day - we go where the waves are!

The best surf spots in Wales can be found on the South East to South West Coast - with a few good locations on the more exposed West side of the country. Cressey's Surf Academy mostly operates around the beaches found on the South East coast of Wales.

Porthcawl boasts the most popular local surfing spots, with Rest Bay busy with both beginners and experienced surfers most days because of its consistency and surprising quality on decent swells. Coney beach can offer a nice surf spot for beginners with a little swell, and upon occasion for the more advanced - it works best on large SW swells when everywhere else is either too big or blown out.  

Aberafon (nicknamed 'Aberheaven') by Port Talbot is not the most picturesque spot you're ever likely to surf, but it is renowned for its ability to hold big swells, and big logs! Ogmore is a rivermouth break, Southerdown a beach break with reef on the right hand side, and Llantwit Major a decent right hand point break to the left of the beach - all can offer great surf when it's on! 

Once you have your surf skills under you belt you may want to venture out further afield down the coast towards the Mumbles area of the Gower, and down to Freshwater West in Pembrokeshire - famous as a location for Harry Potter and Robin Hood! Make sure you check out local surf reports before you go, and ensure you're surfing on a beach suitable for your level of ability - one with lifeguards where possible. Have fun and explore new and better waves - but stay safe and never surf anywhere on your own.

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