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If you have had surf lessons before and feel confident in the basics you may wish to consider surf coaching to develop your skills further and enhance your enjoyment in the water.

Cressey's Surf Academy can provide surf coaching tailored to your needs and experience - whether your looking to improve your balance and speed, or start learning surf manouveres to enable you to catch bigger and better waves. We will assess your abilities and help you develop in the right areas. 

All equipment is provided, although you are welcome to bring your own wetsuit and surfboard if you have one. Improvers can continue to learn on 'soft' foam surf boards or mini mal hard boards if you are keen to buy your own board.

 Each coaching session contains a mix of teaching both on land and in the water, and starts with a gentle beach warm up to get your muscles moving and ready for action! Your Surf Coach may start with dry land coaching on the beach or get you in the water first to assess your ability. Exactely what you are taught will be based upon the information you have provided on your skills and experience in surfing so far. 

Your Surf Coach will continue to guide and teach you whilst you're in the water, with tips to improve your techniques and lots of encouragement.

All aboutt the Waves

Improver sessions will teach you:

How catch and ride waves to the beach more consistently
Techniques for accelerating and slowing down the board
Duck diving and turtle rolling
Surf etiquette
Deeper understanding of wave selection and positioning
Manouveres such as angles take offs, top and bottom turns, and cut backs

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