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Cressey's Surf Academy offers private surf coaching sessions, tailored around your needs and your availability for individuals of all levels of surfing ability. If you prefer to learn to surf in a 1:1 session, tailored specifically to your needs alone we will be happy to help you.

1:1 sessions are available for Beginner and Improver surfers keen to fast track their surfing skills, or those who feel more comfortable learning to surf for the first time on their own.

Intermediate and Advanced surfers can also benefit from 1:1 coaching, allowing your Surf Coach the freedom and time to work with you on specific areas of your surfing.

1:1 surf coaching sessions are designed to focus purely on you and your surfing needs. Advanced and Competitive surf coaching sessions are recommended as 1:1 or 1:2 sessions ideally or as small group sessions, to ensure you get the attention needed to develop your surfing skills at this level.

If you prefer to surf with a friend or someone of similar ability, 1:2 surf coaching sessions are also available, and can make regular sessions more affordable.

Exactly what we teach you will depend on what you hope to get out of the lesson and whether or not you want to work on specific manoeuvres. On some sessions we may get you in the water first to get an exact idea of your ability. Wetsuits and boards are available for use, but Advanced and Competitive surfers should have their own surfboard.

All aboutt the Waves

One 2 One sessions will teach you:

Improve your skills and techniques with video analysis 
Provide tips and exercises to help develop your surfing fitness        
Grow in
confidence with your surfing ability
Work on basic surf skills and more advanced manouveres 

1:1 sessions also include video analysis with your Instructor complete with a written report on how to improve your surfing technique. As part of this package you will recieve an edited DVD of your surfing session. 
Completely free to take away with you. An additional meeting will be set up between yourself and your Instructor, after your surfing lesson to allow you.
To view your DVD and talk through techniques and areas for improvement, which can be invaluable in helping you improve your skills.


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